Thursday, July 9, 2015

ESOL Strategies!


As you're planning for the upcoming school year, try to include some ESOL strategies!

Click HERE to visit our google doc to get a full list of these strategies!

I'll continue to provide tips on this topic so be sure to follow the 'ESOL' to keep up! :)

--xoxo Shellise

New Center Ideas!

Travel Brochures

LOVE this idea! Give the students a bunch of travel brochures and have the students pick a place they would want to visit and write about it! This idea is great for centers! I found this idea on Facebook :)

Finish The Picture!

Here's another great one! Give students a piece of paper with a random line on it and have them finish the picture! Awesome way to have them be creative!

Student Organization Idea!!

I loved that this classroom was so functional! Each table had their own set of supplies and quiet reading books! Great classroom management idea!